Cooler Classics, Interviews, Music, NCCR

Cooler Classics.(Sunday 10th January 2021. 9pm-11pm, various Repeats, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)

Featuring the music of, and interviews with:

  • Cristiano Gualco (Quartetto di Cremona-CD “Italian Postcards)
Cristiano Gualco(Quartetto di Cremona)
Quartetto Di Cremona: Italian Postcards
  • Lauren Scott (Harpist, album “Beyond The Horizon”)
Lauren Scott: Beyond the Horizon
  • Nimrod Borenstein.(Composer)
Nimrod Borenstein
The Art of Dancing Product Image
The Art Of Dancing CD

Sunday 10th January 2021…9-11pm 1st broadcast. Repeats Tuesday and Friday.

Available on Listen Again (7 days) and on Mixcloud.. (for a while longer!!)

Cooler Classics, Music, NCCR

Cooler Classics.(Sunday 3rd January 2021. 9pm-11pm, various Repeats, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)

Featuring: An NCCR Vienna New Year Concert!!.. and new music (highlighted below!)

Andre Rieu: Second Waltz

Andre Rieu: Grande Valse Viennoise

Andre Rieu: And The Waltz Goes On.

Rudolf Kempe: Die Fledermaus (Overture) Wiener Philharmoniker)

Rudolf Kempe: Tales From The Vienna Woods.

Rudolf Kempe:Leichtes Blut (op 319) (Polka)

Rudolf Kempe: Gold & Silver(Lehar)

Andre Rieu: You Are My Heart’s Delight(Lehar)

Lauren Scott: In A Landscape/Away For A While/ Across The Universe.

Quartetto di Cremona:  Mozart String Quartet No 1 “Lodi”.

Andre Rieu: Skaters’ Waltz/ Snow Waltz

Andre Rieu: Radetsky March/Bugler’s Holiday/Marino Waltz/Strauss & Co
Lauren Scott-Beyond The Horizon(copyright acknowledged)
Quartetto di Cremona - Wikipedia
Quartetto Di Cremona(Copyright Acknowledged)