In The Cooler, Interviews, Music “In the Cooler” Wednesday 31st May 2023 (2pm-4pm)

TANOKI(Paul Mahon) & LUX ALMA called ‘Broken’

Doris Brendel..updates

Image Courtesy (C) Doris Brendel

Nick Edwards (BGT2022 winner) reflects on his life now and “Into You”

Nick Van Eede is Looking For A Friend

With additional music from: YES, Billy Kidd & The Regulators, I Forgot Myself, Future Utopia, Santino Le Saint, Tina Turner, Cutting Crew, Cathodes, Herb Alpert. Wednesday 2 till 4pm

In The Cooler, Interviews, Music “In the Cooler” 28th May 2023 (Sunday midnight)

  • DICI explains Day Dream
  • Matt Steady updates his progress .. and Deep Calls To Deep
  • Alex Hunter(The Magpie Arc) with updates.. and All I Planted.
  • Paul Mahon(aka Tanoki), with Lux Alma introduces their collaboration “Broken.”
  • Doris Brendel looks forward to gigging with her solo album FACADE, and with the band!
Image Courtesy (C) Doris Brendel
  • Plus music from: The Cutting Crew, The Searchers, Cindy Alter, Billy Kidd and The Regulators, I Forgot Myself, Future Utopia, Santino Le Saint, Tina Turner.

Sunday 28th May 2023 at Midnight!! and on Replay

In The Cooler, Interviews, Music “In the Cooler” Wednesday 24th May 2023 (2pm-4pm)

DICI..(below). with Day Dream

Matt Steady… updates and introduces Deep Calls To Deep.

Alex Hunter (The Magpie Arc) explains Glamour In the Grey.

Brian Gorman outlines plans for the play New Dawn Fades (Joy Division,New Order)

Californians Kenneth Roy and Daniel Ryman tell us I Still Love You So

Tom George encourages us to join The Rock Choir.. latest track: Fix You(Coldplay)

Additional music from: The Searchers, Eric Leroy Wilson, Bailen,Cindy Alter, Crosby Stills & Nash Wednesday 2 till 4pm

Cooler Classics, Interviews, Music

Cooler Classics 21st May 2023

Anthony Brown (below)tells us about Saxophone Anthology.

Bruce Wolosoff explains his album Memento

Scott Dunn, speaks about working with Claire Martin & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on the music of Richard Rodney Bennett from Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Nimrod Borenstein,
And performances from: Quartetto di Cremona, Janine Jensen, Bion Tsang, Andre Rieu, Q The Music.

In The Cooler, Interviews, Music, “In the Cooler” 21st May 2023 (Sunday midnight)

  • Featuring:
  • The Himalayas tell us about “From Hell To Here”
(Mike Griffiths and Joe Williams)
  • Former That’s Life presenter Kevin Devine is “Searching For The Answers”

  • Brian Gorman is looking for actors for a Joy Division based play.
  • Kenneth Roy(below,left) and Dr Ryman come together and “I Still Love You So”
  • And Tom George(Rock Choir” explains how singing can “Fix You”!!
  • With: Rachid Aseyakhe, Peter Frampton, Roger Taylor,, Tears For Fears, ABBA, Eric Leroy Wilson, Bailen, Joy Division, New Order.

Sunday 21st May 2023 at Midnight!! and on Replay