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NCCR “In The Cooler” Friday 7-9 pm ,28th June 2019. Rpt Sunday 8-10 am, Monday 2-4 pm.. and Listen Again!(

Interviews with Howard Giles about the Battle of Evesham and reenactments..
Joanna Donaghy of Cotswold K9 & Equine Care explains her service..

Joanna Donaghy, Dom Franks,Robert Brian, Daan Temmink and Mike Green. 

..and Dom Franks tells us about the Strayhorn Quartet during a break with his first time colleagues at The Daffodil,Cheltenham.
Plus music from..Hank Marvin, Lynz Crichton,Runaway June, Peter Rhymer,and with Cornbury starting next week.. a taste of what’s to come!!


Be sure to tune in..Friday 7-9pm

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NCCR “In The Cooler” Friday 7-9 pm 21st June 2019.(Rpt Sunday 8-10 am,Monday 2-4 pm)

On this week’s show we will be speaking with:

  • record producer David Courtney about the Walk of Fame
  • Paul Moss.. a member of the touring Shakespearean troupe Handlebards
  • award winning designer Mick Hurst (Vale of Evesham Commerce and Tourism Association) explains Augmented Reality.
  • Howard Giles prepares us for the Battle of Evesham reenactment in August
  • Joanna Donaghy explains her Cotswold K9 & Equine services…


Be sure to tune in!! (Friday 7-9pm)