In The Cooler, Interviews, Music, “In the Cooler” 21st May 2023 (Sunday midnight)

  • Featuring:
  • The Himalayas tell us about “From Hell To Here”
(Mike Griffiths and Joe Williams)
  • Former That’s Life presenter Kevin Devine is “Searching For The Answers”

  • Brian Gorman is looking for actors for a Joy Division based play.
  • Kenneth Roy(below,left) and Dr Ryman come together and “I Still Love You So”
  • And Tom George(Rock Choir” explains how singing can “Fix You”!!
  • With: Rachid Aseyakhe, Peter Frampton, Roger Taylor,, Tears For Fears, ABBA, Eric Leroy Wilson, Bailen, Joy Division, New Order.

Sunday 21st May 2023 at Midnight!! and on Replay

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