In The Cooler, Interviews, Literature, Music, NCCR

NCCR “In The Cooler” Friday 4th November 2022 (Sunday Noon till 2pm) Available on Listen Again ( & Mixcloud.

  • PrYmary Colours’ Caya (below) and Daz tell us about “I’m Here Now”
  • Steve Millington (Houghton Weavers) with a new song..
  • Simon Wiiliams is at Cheltenham Playhouse on 19th November,”Posting Letters To The Moon”, with Lucy Fleming.
  • Mark Christopher Lee makes an appeal  “to anyone out there”!!!
  • Linda Lamon looks back with “Music In the Box”
  • Lindsey Braune (Cotswold Auction House) has an interesting tale or two!!
  • With music from: The Beatles, Dave Haynes,Evelyn Laurie, Patti Dixon, Rachmaninoff, Sweet Sensation, David Bowie.
  • First broadcast: Friday 4th November 2022 (7-9pm) Repeats Sunday 6th November 2022 Noon till 2pmAvailable on Listen Again (7 days) and on Mixcloud.. (for a while longer!!)

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