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NCCR “In The Cooler” Friday 28th October 2022 (Sunday Noon till 2pm) Available on Listen Again ( & Mixcloud.

  • Mauro Repetto(with Meryem(left) and Severine) gives us Another 24 !!
  • Two gentlemen from Florence(below) explain their music -Damistrok Zane.
  • Izzy Jones tells of her role in the contemporary film “Purple Beatz.
  • John Barker, Shamilla Miller and Bronte Snell preview “The Umbrella Men” film.
  • Mark Allen and Jan Jensen.. and the subject of their documentary film “Traces Of Glory”,Jeff Martin, frontman of IDAHO.
  • With music from: Charlie Daniels Band, Cosmo Blue,Jill Andrews,Tony Christie,Kyle Shepard,Adrian Styles,The Beatles.

First broadcast: Friday 28th October 2022 (7-9pm) Repeats Sunday 30th October 2022 Noon till 2pmAvailable on Listen Again (7 days) and on Mixcloud.. (for a while longer!!)

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