Cooler Classics, Interviews, Music, NCCR

Cooler Classics.(Sunday 3rd July 2022. 9pm-11pm, Repeats Thursday midnight, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)

  • Alisa Weilerstein tells us about the Beethoven Sonatas for cello and piano.
Alisa Weilerstein.
  • Brazilian cellist Antonio Meneses is delighted to have finally recorded 2 Brahms cello sonatas.
Antonio Meneses.
  • Adam Philp(The Symphonist) explains the background to his twittering.
Adam Philp(The Symphonist)
  • Maxwell Rafeian introduces us to his piano compositions..
Maxwell Rafeian.
  • With music from Copland, Beethoven, Brahms, Elgar, Vaughan Williams,Samuel Barber... and featuring Julien Van Mellaerts, English Symphony Orchestra, Northern Sinfonia, the Hallé Orchestra,Vienna Philharmonic.

Sunday 9-11pm and repeated Thursday at Midnight. Plus Listen Again (7 days) and Mixcloud (several weeks!)

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