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Pug Horton & Bob Wilber-The Royal Ellington(1989) Friday 3rd June 2022

In this special year(The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee), how appropriate to recall this 1989 Concert, played at The Royal Festival Hall, in the presence of royalty.

  • Joanne “Pug” Horton, recalls Bob Wilber and The Royal Ellington.(1989).. and his star pupils…
Pug Horton
The Royal Ellington DVD Cover.
  • Music played includes “The Queen’s Suite”, Lester’s Bounce, Caravan, Swinging The Changes and Take The A-Train.
  • Contributing artists: Duke Ellington, Bob Wilber. Antti Sarpila, Alex Mendham Nick Payton

Friday 3rd June 2022 at 3pm!!

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