Cooler Classics, Interviews, Music, NCCR

Cooler Classics.(Sunday 8th May 2022. 9pm-11pm, Repeats Thursday midnight, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)

  • Calvin Jones-American pianist composer who managed to exit Ukraine in time -with insights on a Ukrainian song performed with a Russian Orchestra….
Calvin & Inga Jones
  • Dan Watson , conductor of Stratford-upon-Avon Symphony Orchestra with details of a forthcoming Open Play Day….
Dan Watson
  • Mark Milhofer outlines his career to date.. and influences… and a  Kickstarter project that we can be involved with!!
Mark Milhofer
  • Additional music from: Frank MIlls, Andre Rieu, LA Philharmonic, Slovak Philharmonic, Enrico Caruso, Mario Lanza.

Sunday 9-11pm and repeated Thursday at Midnight. Plus Listen Again (7 days) and Mixcloud (several weeks!)

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