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Cooler Classics.(Sunday 16th January 2022. 9pm-11pm, Repeats Thursday midnight, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)

New Year’s Day 2022 Concert From Vienna.(Courtesy: Crossover Media)

Vienna Philharmonic, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, Programme:

( * denotes first ever performance at a New Year’s Concert)

·        Phonix March (Josef Strauss)*

·        Phonix Schwingen(Wings Of The Phoenix) J. Strauss II

·        Die Sirene – Polka Mazur(Josef Strauss)*

·        Kleiner Anzieger- Little Advertiser (Joseph Hellmesberger II)

·        Morgenblatter (Morning Papers) J Strauss II

·        Kleiner Chronik/News In Brief Polka (J Strauss II)*

·        Die Fledermaus Overture (J Strauss II)

·        Champagne Polka (J Strauss II)

·        Nachtschwarmer – Night Owls (Carl Michael Zeihrer)*

·        Perischer March (J Strauss II)

·        Tausund Und Eine Nacht-A Thousand And One Nights(J Strauss II)

·        Greetings To Prague (Eduard Strauss)

·        Elves (Joseph Hellmesberger II)*

·        Polka Of The Nymphs (Josef Strauss)*

·        Harmony Of The Spheres(Josef Strauss)


·        Auf Der Jagd (At The Hunt)

·        An der schonen blau Donau

·        Radetsky March

Naxos Records: Viennese Favourites.(Vol 1)

Gold & Silver (Franz Lehar) Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra/Michael Dittrich

Sunday 9-11pm and repeated Thursday at Midnight. Plus Listen Again (7 days) and Mixcloud (several weeks!)

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