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NCCR “In The Cooler” Friday 12th November 2021(rpts Sunday noon till 2pm) Available on Listen Again ( & Mixcloud.

  • Barry Adamson tells about “Up Above The City, Down beneath The Stars”
Barry Adamson.
  • Paul Finn(Some Finn) explains “Contact.”
Paul Finn(Some Finn)
  • Fintan Tynan (Raging Sons) discusses the band’s name.and “Square One.”
Fintan Tynan (Raging Sons)
  • Caya and Daz(PrYmary Colours) are getting excited about “The Movement.”
Caya (PrYmary Colours)
Daz(PrYmary Colours)
  • Mark Christopher Lee has certain views on the record industry… and he shares his 30 second song thoughts, and Sunny Day” from The Difficult 73rd Album.”
Mark Christopher Lee(The Pocket Gods)
  • With additional music from ABBA, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Adrian Styles, Bee Gees, Engelbert Humperdinck.

Friday 12th November 2021…7-9pm 1st broadcast. Repeats Sunday 14th November 2021 Noon till 2pmAvailable on Listen Again (7 days) and on Mixcloud.. (for a while longer!!)

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