Cooler Classics, Interviews, Music, NCCR

Cooler Classics.(Sunday 15th August 2021. 9pm-11pm, Repeats Thursday midnight, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)


  • Lesley Duncan recalls the music of Douglas Munn… her brother  .. and how his mathematical career led him into GCHQ…….
  • Mario Frangoulis recounts his musical journey, and his latest “crossover” album, “Blue Skies-An American Songbook”.
  • Martin Malmgren discusses his project about an obscure composer, Moses Pergament.

Plus music from:

  • Hans Gal Piano Trio in E, Op. 18  2. II. Allegro violento, played by Sarah Beth Briggs(piano), David Juritz(violin) and Kenneth Woods (‘cello)
  • Mark Knopfler’s Going Home.(Sacha Puttnam & the Classic Film Orchestra)
  • Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No 1 in C Major (Krystian Zimmerman and the LSO with Simon Rattle conducting.

Sunday 9-11pm and repeated Thursday at Midnight. Plus Listen Again (7 days) and Mixcloud (several weeks!)

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