Cooler Classics, Music, NCCR

Cooler Classics.(Sunday 18th July 2021. 9pm-11pm, Repeats Thursday midnight, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)

Robert Emery
  • La Serenissima with more Vivaldi.
  • New releases from Konstantia Gourzi, Randall Goosby, D.Ferella, Sebastian Plano.
  • Gemma Wheklan (with the ESO) narrates The Bremen Town Musicians.
Kenneth Woods : Fiddles, Forests and Fowl Fables CD 2 discs (2021) ***NEW***
  • Steve Elcock’s Symphony No 5 (ahead of a premiere of his Symphony No 8 with the ESO at Kidderminster on 28th July 2021
  • And news of the Three Choirs Festival.

Sunday 9-11pm and repeated Thursday at Midnight. Plus Listen Again (7 days) and Mixcloud (several weeks!)

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