In The Cooler, Interviews, Music, NCCR

NCCR “In The Cooler” Friday 26th February 2021(rpts Sunday Noon till 2pm) Available on Listen Again.( & on Mixcloud

This edition features interviews with:

  • Christopher Strauli (Only When I Laugh!)
Christopher Strauli

Reverend Robert- an American blues singer who visits the Cotswolds regularly.

“Reverend Robert”

LA based Angus Crowne reveals his wish to know UK audiences, and “Dreaming Is True”

Angus Crowne

Blythe Pepino of Mesadorm (sounds like a holiday destination!) explains all.. and “Numb”

Blythe Pepino

Dr Josh Grocott(The SausageMan) tells of the sponsoring of the Festival Of The Artisans.

Festival of the Artisan: at home

Friday 26th February 2021…7-9pm 1st broadcast. Repeats Sunday Noon till 2pm

Available on Listen Again (7 days) and on Mixcloud.. (for a while longer!!)

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