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Cooler Classics.(Sunday 13th December 2020. 9pm-11pm, various Repeats, Listen Again & on Mixcloud)

On this new edition of “Cooler Classics”:

Main feature….. this is Beethoven250! So, pride of place on this programme.. the highlight of Beethoven’s only opera..”Fidelio”..

Here is the playlist:

Andre Rieu: Tara’s Theme

Henry Dehlinger: Bahnhofstrasse

Ian Sutherland: Skater’s Waltz.

Commander-in-Chief: Moonlight Sonata

Beethoven: Fidelio (all tracks)

Joanna Forest: Rhythm Of Life

And an introduction to the music of Lili & Nadia Boulanger -“Clairieres”.. with Nicholas Phan and Myra Huang.

Courtesy: AVIE Records

So, do tune in…and please note the NEW Time!! 9pm Sunday!!

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