Cooler Classics, Interviews, Music, NCCR

“Cooler Classics” Sunday 4th October 2020. (Repeats: Various & on Mixcloud)

On “Cooler Classics” this week….

Andre Rieu:

  • Radetsky March
  • Tales From The Vienna Woods.

Gunnar Idenstam-“Metal Angel” Suite 3.

Eleonor Bindman JS Bach Cello Suite in G Major(on piano)(Interview soon!!)

Noriko Tsuzaki Interview: Elgar School Of Music, Worcester.

David Matthews Symphony No 9.

So, do tune in on Sunday 11pm-1am.. or one of the end of day repeats during the week.

Or make use of the Listen Again feature to enjoy at your best time..

And then there’s Mixcloud.. which will give opportunities for longer than 7 days to hear your favourites!

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