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“Cooler Classics” Sunday 11pm-1am, repeated Thursday 11pm-1am and Friday 11pm-1am..and Listen Again..

On this edition of “Cooler Classics”, Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, (born February 3, 1809, Hamburg [Germany]—died November 4, 1847, Leipzig), German composer, pianist, musical conductor, and teacher, one of the most-celebrated figures of the early Romantic period  – takes centre stage.

And “Cooler Classics” is pleased to have had opportunity to speak with Ivo Stankov…. Bulgarian born violinist and educator soon to start teaching at the Birmingham Conservatoire. With his brother Lachezar they are The Stankov Ensemble.

We will hear several tracks from their CD “Mendelssohn”.. the Concerto for Piano & Orchestra, and the Concerto for Violin,Piano & Orchestra.

Stankov Ensemble Trio
Lachezar and Ivo Stankov(By kind permission)

And there will be some other musical treats..some Beethoven, Hans Gal and Hans Krasa.

So, be sure to tune in tonight..11pm- 1am(or you can catch the repeats on Thursday and Friday from 11pm….Not forgetting Listen Again…..

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