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NCCR “In The Cooler” 7-9pm Friday 29th November 2019

“In The Cooler” was delighted to invite Julian Dutton into the studio in Chipping Campden on his way to Banbury to perform in his show “Do You Think That’s Wise?”…. his John Le Mesurier impressions have to be heard!!
And he gives us an insight into his 2020 tour of “Last Of The Summer Wine”….

This week has seen some sad departures… Clive James, Jonathan Miller, Gary Rhodes and Iain Sutherland.. expect some tributes in the next week or so..

Rob Saunders at Deuce Music has introduced us to:

Singer-Songwriter Kayla Grace who is based in Watford, England. 

>Having developed self-sufficiency at an early age due to her parents having to focus most of their time with her sister who has special needs, Kayla Grace quickly learned the harsh realities of life way before her friends.With a past of severe bullying, toxic relationships and manipulative friends, Kayla Grace releases her second single, Note To Self.

Hip Hop Beatmaker and Lyricist Tuu Ra who is based in New York, USA .

Listen to Tuu Ra’s new single  LondonGirl

and  ExtinctionRebellion
Written and recorded by Deuce Act Mick J Clark, his song We Will Never Surrender was offered to Extinction Rebellion after being impressed by the work they were doing peacefully protesting against climate change.  The song was welcomed by Extinction Rebellion but as they are not a registered charity it was suggested the song were to be put n to raise money for Greenpeace instead.  Details on how you can purchase the track and donate to Greenpeace can be found at

So, be sure to tune in on Friday at 7pm, or the repat on Sunday at Noon.. or on the Listen Again feature for the next 7 days….


“In The Cooler” (Fridays 7 – 9pm rpt Sun noon-2pm)
Sponsored by Cavendish Park Care Home,Offenham Road,Evesham WR11 3DX



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