In The Cooler, NCCR

NCCR “In The Cooler” Programme News

So you think you missed Friday’s “In the Cooler”

Well, you did! It wasn’t broadcast!!

NCCR did an OB (outside broadcast) from Dover’s Hill, the site of Cotswold’s “Olimpick Games”

But fear not, you can tune in on Sunday morning (8-10am) and/or Monday 2-4 pm(and on the Listen Again feature)

The programme will be looking back at the new music that was played..and references made to the more than 250 guests who have appeared on the programme since last May!!

And what a guest list we have enjoyed………from broadcasters to writers, musicians, comedians, local event organizers and more.

Thank you all for listening.

Hopefully, “In the Cooler” can only get better!!! (now, how do I switch this thing off……!)

Peter S Lewis

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