NCCR Cooler Classics (Monday 4th March 2019)

On this week’s Cooler Classics…..

Swan Lake(excerpt)

Concierto De Aranjuez

Songs of Loss & Regret..”Song of Solomon” by April Fredericks.

Gabriel’s Oboe

Sounds of Light- Passing Through Birches. (Michael Omer)

“Zigeunerweisen” (Commander-in-Chief & Craig Ogden)

English Symphony Orchestra playing Michael Tippett’s “Concerto for Double String Orchestra”

..and finishing with Souza’s “Liberty Bell”

berit Album 3 Michael Omer Music in Stow January 2019

Berit Hagen aka Commander-in-Chief & PL with Michael Omer.


Monday 11pm-midnight www.nccr.co.uk

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