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NCCR “In The Cooler” Friday 14th December 2018 (7-9pm)

This Friday’s programme will include an interview with two “Westenders”, Linda Jarvis & Jill Nalder, ahead of their 16th December show at The Bacon Theatre Cheltenham… a moving conversation with Matthew Sharp (cellist, singer, actor, director) ..Kenneth Woods (ESO Principal Conductor) with some interesting rock music choices ,the legendary broadcaster Charles Nove…and US music Maestro Michael Wheatley..all being well!!


Westeenders Jill and Linda  matthewsharpmoodycellocolour 20180112_123200

Jill Nalder &  Linda Jarvis                                      Matthew Sharp    Kenneth Woods

20181204_111548 (2) 

PSL & Charles Nove                                 Michael Wheatley


Be sure to listen on Friday 14th december 2018 on http://www.northcotswoldonline.com “In The Cooler” from 7pm..till 9 pm. Repeated Sunday morning 8-10, and available for a few more days on the “Listen Again” feature.

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